Clairvoyant Evening with Lee Wyberd - 15th April 2022

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Join Lee Wyberd at Ballingdon Hall on Friday 15th April 2022.

Lee Whyberd is a 3rd generation clairvoyant medium who has a unique ability to provide rapid readings with wit and humour. Lee started with his wellness journey when he suffered from a serious illness about 10+ years ago. A gifted spiritualist from his early life, Lee finally decided to immerse himself into full time healing- work, moving from the on-request part-time energy sessions.

A regular meditator, Lee started teaching meditation and went on to become a certified sound therapist, specialising in tuning fork vibrational therapy and Bio- Well practitioner. Since then he has travelled widely on his healing mission which took him throughout Europe and Middle East. When people come to him for health readings and energy attunement, he is able to relate to the pain and grief they have encountered.