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Recovery Spritz (200ml)

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The refreshing Facial Spritz is enriched with Rose and Witch Hazel Hydrolats and pure essential oils of Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass, and Pine. This aromatherapy Facial Spritz is ideal for oily or acne-prone skin. Hazel Hydrolat is a mild antiseptic that tightens pores and reduces excess oil without leaving skin dry. Grapefruit essential oil tones and detoxifies acne-prone and oily skin. Soothing Ylang Ylang essential oil softens the skin and aids in the regulation of moisture and sebum production. Lemongrass and Pine have antiseptic and antibacterial properties, as well as being natural astringent, which helps to tighten pores and tone the skin.